Monday, 8 October 2012

I was doing so well ...

I hate to even say it but I lost 5 pounds since tuesday . . .

Then put on a few pounds,

And now I'm 212 pounds again.

Diet wise what better day to re-commit myself to weight loss and declare clean eating and more exercise than a monday?!? I really enjoy the celebrity slim shakes bars and soups they are seriously the most delicious thing but my only downfall this past week has been getting legless drunk twice like two sets of hangovers, two nights out where I was so wasted I would down any food offered to me.

But no more, I sense an honest change I really think and hope I can lose 22 pounds MINIMUM in 23 days (so by the end of October). If i can be 190 by end of October I don't see why I couldn't be 175 by my birthday (November 24th).

Anyways in other news, I recently found out that the man I love and am currently living with - my boyfriend is not all he claims, in fact it led to one of my drunken nights. When we got together we promised we'd tell each other everything about our pasts so there would be no surprises. We had been good friends and lovers on off for 6 years by then so I just ASSUMED he was telling the truth ... WRONG. The lesson to be learned here is all men lie, and not even little missable white lies all out lies about when they last saw there exes or whether they did or didn't have a key to the flat you claim they never even set foot in... pfft WHATEVER.

I wont babble on. I am all about me right now, I will work hard on my body and he can work hard on TRYING to keep me, silly pig.

Laters dolls,

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

And so it begins...

I woke up this morning at a whopping 213.6 pounds. Bad news.

I had a crazy bingefest at like 2 in the morning due to being at work through the night and all this crazy food was provided.

Good news - my celebrity slim pack has arrived and I've had my strawberry milkshake for breakfast this morning and will be having a meal replacement bar for lunch with lots and lots and LOTS of water. Dinner I haven't decided yet so yeah.

It's October and I feel realistically I should try and lose like 30pounds.. So hopefully 180-185 at the end of October. Really need to exercise as well Anyhu off I go to uni!

Laters x