Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Day 3

Day 3: 2.4 / 14 pounds lost

Ok so quick run through with today... Intake was defo over a thousand calories but I'm not sure how much by I had no breakfast, 558 cals from a sandwich and crisps at lunch and then for dinner a chicken n sweet corn soup with lots of chilli in it and one crispy pancake roll. I should in shame- the scales read 205.6 this morn which I felt after drinking the night before might just be a fluke due to dehydration. I really don't want the scale going anywhere near 207 again as I will go into flight mode. Tomorrow I will kicking my ass with exercise even though I'm suffering from some real fatigue, dieting alone is just not cutting it.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Total Intake

Breakfast - 143 cals from porridge and honey, sarspirilla drink
Lunch - 563 cals from a ham and cheese sandwhich, packet of wotsits
Snack 235 cals from a pain au chocolat


oh well total thus far is 941cals!!

i've decided for dinner I am going to have that boiled egg salad with a tiny bit of extra light salad dressing and extra celery. It'll be about 110 cals so hopefully a total of 1051 cals -pretty darn decent!

But oh dear I got a phone call from my friend to kindly remind me that I agreed to go to a club which plays house music tonight. So I guess a lot of dancing and jumping up and down which is good.. not so good is the numerous shots of sambucca and vodka i'll be knocking back at £1.50 a pop.

So yeah . . . we'll see how it goes, i'll check back in with  you tomorrow.

@Camille - thanks so much for your comment, 7 pounds in a week would make me ECSTATIC well done you! was just wondering what sort of supplements you take, at the moment I just take biotin vitamins which help with your skin hair and nails.


Went really really well methinks but for once in my life I can't tell whether I got it or not :( I probably gave the best answers - the most intelligent and experience-filled answers in any case. Interviews are just one of those things that I'm great at I ordinarily get the job unless one dastardly thing.... I DON'T FIT THE LOOK... Which means YOU'RE NOT THIN ENOUGH. how do I know? Because I'm actually quite pretty and although I'm black I'm told this by all cultures and also that I have a beautiful dazzling smile. The woman interviewing was really nice but I couldn't help feeling like although I was like the second prettiest girl I was also the largest. I hate being a disgusting uk size 16 (US 10) it's now impossible to hide it *cries*

Day Two

Day 2: 0.8 / 14 pounds lost

I've gone down slightly on the scales which is good for me, almost a pound in one day - i'll take it! I had a wonderful day yesterday food wise, for dinner I had a beautiful salad which was basically a ton of lettuce, celery, cucumber, chicken pieces and diced left-over roast potato HA! I ate til I burst and then shoved down a couple litres of water so really slept well.

I woke up today feeling great, I had no headache no groggy feeling or overly dry mouth. Just woke up - and got up. This is shocking new stuff for me, I know I should drink a lot more water than I have done these past few years because regardless of wanting weightloss it's just so good for you, and I really want to get back to a very healthy me.

Plan for today- I've already had my first glass of water, I'm currently eating a small bowl of porridge with honey- no more than about 120 cals worth. I'm drinking another large glass of water and also 20ml of sarspirilla- my favourite dilute drink- which I mix my slimming bomb pills in with. That's about 23 calories - it's really strong so you only need a little. For lunch I will be having a small salad with a boiled egg. I'm not currently counting any vegetables as calories, I will count fruit though as they can sometimes be quite sugar-y or carb-y albeit natural. So for dinner I will be having my cabbage soup which I will prepare in an hour or so. It looks a little like this...

The recipe is basically onions, spring/salad onions, bell peppers, chopped tomatoes, carrots, celery, mushrooms and of course- lots of cabbage. You can add seasonings and spices to suit your taste but absolutely NO SALT.

Anyhu!! I have a job interview today which is a group assessment thingy for VICTORIA SECRETS!!!! I have been jobless a whole month because I walked out on my last position because I hated it so much. It was an awful place, a terrible admin job, the customers were horrendous as well. So the idea that I might get thejob in this beautiful gorgeous smelling lingerie filled company known for the sexiest models in the world. . . . . . ahhh *I DIE*

Please wish me luck!! i've been rambling I know but i'll probably post again to let y'all know... Love yeee xxxx

 The Victoria Secret's Angels!!

Adriana Lima

Alessandra Ambrio

Miranda Kerr

Doutzen Kroes

Candice Swanepol

Lindsay Ellingson

Erin Heatherton

Chanel Iman

Behatti Prinsloo

Lily Aldridge


Monday, 28 May 2012

Day One

STARTING WEIGHT: 208 pounds   Day 1:  0/14 pounds Lost

I have now officially started my EAT LESS diet. I will be loosely following the cabbage soup diet - only in that i'll be eating a lot of cabbage soup lol- and minimising carbs sugars and fats throughout the day. I will be keeping hopefully quite strictly to a roughly 1000cal a day limit on days (like to day) where i have done little exercise and make sure it mostly consists of fresh fruit and veg and lean protein.

So I am starting today as day ONE because this weekend was ridiculous!! Boyfriend's birthday yesterday translated into heavy drinking an waffles (?) on saturday and cinema popcorn and TGI Fridays for dinner yesterday. So yeah RIDICULOUS.

Ok so fresh start, and for once in my life I have told another person - namely my boyfriend about my diet so NO excuses. I've asked him to physically restrain me if he catches me reaching for hagendaz ice cream.

Intake thus far, not very nutritional to be honest, sorta empty calories but at least not to much. In the morning I had my practical driving test at 8 am (which I failed HA) and so ate about 90 cals worth of oatmeal and honey. I came back and ate 6 biscuits at 70 cals each :'( and drank a cup of tea with a splash of milk and on sugar for 23 cals. Total thus intake far- 533 for no reason WAAAAAAH

Its fine though because for dinner I will be making the boy toy a gooey cheese filled pasta bake and eating NONE OF IT and I myself will be chomping down on some awesome grilled chicken salad - no dressing of course. I'll try to post a pic! so for sure I'll be under 1000 cals and hopefully see a pound drop of tomorrow.

My short term goal is to drop 14 pounds aka a stone as quick as possible and see how many days it takes. My target goal weights remain the same - you can see them here - but to be honest I have been cheeky enough to buy myself all the rewards despite having not met them (!) excluding the jewellery and tattoos so i'll have to think of something else. Wish me luck guys, and thanks for reading, I know there haven't been as many comments but I see new followers which makes me feel great and gives me the motivation to do this, post regularly and be accountable to you guys.

Off to make dinner love ye!


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Guess What

I am not STILL fat, I am now MORE fatter than should be scientifically possible. I have today reached my highest ever goddamn weight and I am MORTIFIED.

208 pounds

14.9 stone

94.3 kilos

I'm disgusting
I'm disgusting
I'm disgusting

I knew I was disgusting, I knew I was getting ridiculously fat and I knew my clothes just did not fit me anymore. I had no idea that was because I had packed on 20 something disgusting little pounds since I last dawned on blogger.

What happened?? 

I have to say I think love happened. I've been swept up in a whirlwind of amor, and met the man of my dreams - to be honest I met him 6 years ago (long story) - and I believe we will get married because he is crazy awesome and n absolute perfect match for me... BUT he thinks i'm incredible, beautiful, bodacious etc etc he has led me down an awful path of self confidence in the face of damning evidence that serves only to prove how huge I am. I feel too fat, not just overweight but now by bmi standards overly obese. My bmi is 34 for fucks sake!! 34 i've never been so overwhelmed by the sight of such numbers on the scales.

My figures for this week so far are:

sunday 20th - 207.8
monday 21st - 206.8
tuesday 22nd - 205.7
wednesday 23rd - 206.6
thursday 24th - 208

Unfortunately my life has been so up and down, and I am now trying to make it in the retail industry- a harsh bitch to work for. I must Must MUST lose this gross weight. I have a string of interviews for really prestigious companies and i'm so professional, educated, and well experienced in saying the right thing to get the job (tooting my own horn I know) that when I don't get it I know Know KNOW that it is because of my weight. It's very bad to be noticeably bigger than a size 12 trying to get into the retail industry and I need a job STAT so yeah, weight loss has actually become integral to my success.

What Next?

I am going to race back down to my first goal weight of 179 pounds which will push me back into 'overweight' territory with a bmi of 29. So yes I am flabbergasted to even say I need to lose an awful 29 pounds just to get back to where I was MONTHS ago- but I will do it however I can.

Plan of action?

I basically have 30 pounds to lose, I will take it 10 pounds at a time until I hit that target and see how many days it takes me to drop 10pounds with each different method of weight loss. Having said that I will be keeping to the rules I previously set out on the 30day challenge so I can get in a good mode blogging each day again. Tomorrow will be day one.

My main plan for the next few days is to revert back to the cabbage soup diet and do at least 2 hours of exercise each day to include walking and my exercise dvds. So we'll see how it goes. 

And Now?

I am going to read through all of your blogs and try and comment because I know its been absolute ages! Look at some thinspo, workout, get showered and ready to go enjoy the summer sun which has FINALLY hit the UK haha. I'll probably post again later, but for now shout out to my incredible 38!! followers!! who I can't believe are still here, they offer fantastic support and inspiration through their blogs so if you're not already.... Follow them!! (sorry couldn't get links for everyone)

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Love ya