Saturday, 30 June 2012

The thing about me is...

I procrastinate unlike any other.

I allow those who call themselves friends to use me.

I don't finish what I start.

I often tend to loathe myself due to all of the above.


I have bought a bunch of baby food jars and am thus starting my real diet today- I will be booking my holiday to Tenerife, Spain next week and can't believe I will be doing so at this grand size of 213 pounds.

On this wednesday the 27th, I passed my Practical Driving Test!!! very proud of myself having taken it   a total of 5 times :( but it's one thing out of the way- concentrating on weight loss 100%.

Well may have to make it 99.9% as I have still not applied to university! AAAARRGHH the person who is writing my reference essentially wants me to write it for her, which I cant find the time to do, I have though finshed my personal statement which was ssooooo hard to write. Also I have managed to save enough funds to make the minimum deposit in order to finance my education for this year. So no problems there I will be paying £9000 over 4 instalments and have thus far managed to raise £2600!

I am going to work now, post, read and comment later.



Friday, 15 June 2012

Summer Will be Here


Who knows?

The laws of physics (in my opinion, or in a world where physics doesnt relate to honest science lol) states that we are supposed to experience 4 seasons. I mean maybe not states, but leads us to conclude... Other nations seem to do it without any prompting but here in the oh-so-United Kingdom we do things differently. The meteorologists in this country like everyone else may be undperpaid who knows, all I know is there job seems to be that of waking up hours earlier what we do and telling us what may happen during that day and what could happen in the week to come (and then going on to wake up the following mornings, come to work and tell us the exact opposite of earlier given information). I've been promised sun but yet to see it for a period of time greater than an hour fifteen minutes.

The point is I live in London and I have a cold, on this morning of June 16th. I am ANNOYED especially as it's 5:30 am and I have been unwillingly awake for 2hours now due to bouts of sneezes- and of course I have work today, so would prefer to be asleep thank you very much!!

About the Job!! I am so excited like absolutely thrilled to be working at Harrods!! it literally adds so much to my quality of life and inspires me to grow as a person (not physically of course o_0 ) and really develop my own personality and image. In plain, it inspires me to look like this:

As opposed to this...

I aim to be effortlessly chic and a go-to role model for elegance. And I will make it happen.

(we'll just forget about my having had MacDonalds for both lunch and dinner yesterday)

For those who like fashion and happen to watch Revenge- which is toooo awesome :) I have recently stumbled upon one of the lead character's fashion blogs. Her name is Ashley Madekwe, and her character name in the series is also Ashley, her blog Ring My Bell can be found here.

For those who care I have updated my rewards list here as being the huge entitled lard ass that I am I bought myself pretty much all of the rewards without hitting the goals X_X anyways not this time around, I will much stricter with myself, and in ernest I should be spending £0 as despite winning the lottery I have to scratch together a living to clear my bad credit name ie pay debts and still sustain my life! I am reading allll your blogs and will try and comment more MWAH xxx

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Today I won the national lottery - Euromillions:

A large sum of £2.70! o_0


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Can You Say... FAIL

So the fail here is not for dieting which I think I'm doing ok in, but for my practical driving test which 4th time I dramatically failed with a serious in . . . get this . . . THE LAST 20 SECONDS. I failed pulling up the drive on the way back to the test centre. WHATEVER I am not going to talk about that. FULL STOP.

In other news, I GOT THE HARRODS JOB. I soo didnt think I had it I told Victoria Secrets I would work with them... AAARRGGGHH!! I can't believe I have gone from jobless to two incredible job opportunities! I felt to not take the Harrods job because when I went to my store approval I had this feeling of amazement that a pig as fat as I could even be allowed in the place, watching all the could-be-models walking about the place I assumed that I didn't have it. But I did and I DO and they accepted me into their world so this just the drive I need to shed this gross weight and become the beautiful THIN salesperson I know I can be.

In weight loss/dieting: I've decided to take each day as it comes and sort of loosely follow the LTD diet but with the goal of staying UNDER the daily calorie limits. I know how some of you feel about starving/fasting etc and how it slows the metabolism but as far as im concerned if you're ove 200 pounds with a bmi of 30-something there is NO WAY you will not lose weight if you stop eating. No possible way! so yeah i need to drop 30 pounds to start with, like right now (or ASAP haha).

I am now following lots more blogs and I so enjoy being in this world with this common interest which helps us all stay motivated. but some of you seem to have blogs which can't be followed?!? Anyhu hope you're all having a good day, despite my bad start with the test fail I'm feeling GOOOD!

Love ya xx

Friday, 8 June 2012

Diet and Strategy

Ok so today is the 8th of June, and a Friday- an unconventional day to start a new diet plan, but that's my motive. I cannot pretend I will be able to haul ass every single day and do hours and hours of exercise so if I'm not burning off the cals I need to make sure i'm restricting the amount of cals I throw into my belly.

I love strategy - to me it means control and it gives me a limit which I know I shouldn't be flying over. I will be dieting the rest of this month to see if I can race down to 195 pounds (which I can't believe I'm saying) In 23 days- from now til the 30th June, I don't see any reason why I can't leave 15 pounds since I have now let myself explode to 210 pounds. AbSoLuTeLy RiDiCuLoUs. S the diet I will be doing... The  Live Thin Diet (LTD): The calories are as follows and rules beneath.


1) MUST NOT consume any of the following- red meat (bacon, beef, pork), chocolate, sweets, cakes, pastries, biscuits, ice cream etc, chips, takeaways, non-diet fizzy drinks, full fat beverages

2) Absolutely MUST stick to daily caloric goals, if exceeded deduct amount of calories over from the next few days.

3) MUST do at least an hour of exercise each day

I aim to do this and have a great weigh in on June 30th (day 23) if I reach my goal of 195 I see no reason not to continue on for a further week and finish it completely. 

Today is Day ONE (of the rest of my life)

Fatty Fatty Fatso

210.8 pounds??

210.8 POUNDS!!!

49% Fat Percentage

The Obesity is RIDICULOUS and the starving must begin!

p.s. desperately catching up on all y'all blogs.
Love love xxx


Just went back and read Rio's wonderfully motivational comment on a post. Thanks gurrl I luv ya and on that note I shall get me to my living room and start working my fat-ass out! And thank you strawberry I feel the interview went well but we'll see if I get the job eh ;) x

Thursday, 7 June 2012

CELLO guys

I am a fat fatty fat ass.

I am huge.

I am gaining at the speed of light.

There is no musical pun in this post despite the title  "cello" is just how i say hi!

I feel myself slipping back into a depression which is taking over my whole life...
I had my Harrods store approval today and all throughout being interviewed by the daintiest most glamorous little blonde I just kept looking at her size 6 frame (us 2) I couldn't help but think how much she must be judging me. Before I even opened my mouth I wondered if she decided based on my size that I wasn't a right fit, not quite like the beautiful model-esque image the world famous Harrods wanted to portray. I looked impeccable, my hair was lush and flawless my make up infallible and I know underneath the fat I am a pretty gurrl ;) so I guess we'll just have to see. I really REALLY don't want my fat holding me back anymore.

On that note have I been dieting?
Have I been working out?
Have I been losing weight??


It's gotten to the point where I just dont know what to do... spent 5 minutes looking at the special k diet and it just seems pointless. I think I need to try the ABC diet or perhaps splurge diet again. Worst thing is way back when I actually got down to about 167 pounds on the ABC sooo pissed

Got to go shopping for my lover now, post again later.
Love Love