21 Must-do Things For 2012

SO New Age, New List! After turning 21 (late 2011) I decided on 21 things I really wanted to achieve in 2012. Now that I am 22 - and only achieved 8 of said things for last year - i've updated my sorta 'bucket list' to contain 22 things I reaaallllyyyy need to do this year in no particular order... I shall strike through each one as I achieve them. Wish me luck!

1. I want to get at least one tattoo (one on my hip saying "Je ne regrette rien" or I regret nothing in french)
2. I want to lose at least 50 pounds / 23 kilos
3. I want to reach my realistic goal weight of 130lbs (59kg) and have a BMI of 21
4. I want to re do my passport
5. I want to write a damn good personal statement for fashion buying/marketing
6. I want to re learn French to a high level
7. I want to have a healthy head of hair/ repair all damage
8. I want to have healthy nails and skin- and be happy with them
9. I want to apply for university
10. I want to start a new blog - non-diet related of course
11. I want to go on a stacation - a holiday elsewhere in the UK
12. I want to go on holiday with friends at least once this year
13. I want to go and see at least one musical / theatre show
14. I want to learn to swim
15. I want to go to at least three concerts/gigs
16. I want to create an entirely new look for myself
17. I want to save at least enough money to pay my first year uni fees (min £5000)
18. I want to learn Arabic
19. I want to be in a loving relationship with someone who I am 100% attracted to in every way
20. I want to clear ALL my debts and improve my credit rating
21. I want a car
22. On November 24th 2012 I want to be completely happy with who I am, How I look and where I'm at.