Saturday, 30 June 2012

The thing about me is...

I procrastinate unlike any other.

I allow those who call themselves friends to use me.

I don't finish what I start.

I often tend to loathe myself due to all of the above.


I have bought a bunch of baby food jars and am thus starting my real diet today- I will be booking my holiday to Tenerife, Spain next week and can't believe I will be doing so at this grand size of 213 pounds.

On this wednesday the 27th, I passed my Practical Driving Test!!! very proud of myself having taken it   a total of 5 times :( but it's one thing out of the way- concentrating on weight loss 100%.

Well may have to make it 99.9% as I have still not applied to university! AAAARRGHH the person who is writing my reference essentially wants me to write it for her, which I cant find the time to do, I have though finshed my personal statement which was ssooooo hard to write. Also I have managed to save enough funds to make the minimum deposit in order to finance my education for this year. So no problems there I will be paying £9000 over 4 instalments and have thus far managed to raise £2600!

I am going to work now, post, read and comment later.



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