Friday, 15 June 2012

Summer Will be Here


Who knows?

The laws of physics (in my opinion, or in a world where physics doesnt relate to honest science lol) states that we are supposed to experience 4 seasons. I mean maybe not states, but leads us to conclude... Other nations seem to do it without any prompting but here in the oh-so-United Kingdom we do things differently. The meteorologists in this country like everyone else may be undperpaid who knows, all I know is there job seems to be that of waking up hours earlier what we do and telling us what may happen during that day and what could happen in the week to come (and then going on to wake up the following mornings, come to work and tell us the exact opposite of earlier given information). I've been promised sun but yet to see it for a period of time greater than an hour fifteen minutes.

The point is I live in London and I have a cold, on this morning of June 16th. I am ANNOYED especially as it's 5:30 am and I have been unwillingly awake for 2hours now due to bouts of sneezes- and of course I have work today, so would prefer to be asleep thank you very much!!

About the Job!! I am so excited like absolutely thrilled to be working at Harrods!! it literally adds so much to my quality of life and inspires me to grow as a person (not physically of course o_0 ) and really develop my own personality and image. In plain, it inspires me to look like this:

As opposed to this...

I aim to be effortlessly chic and a go-to role model for elegance. And I will make it happen.

(we'll just forget about my having had MacDonalds for both lunch and dinner yesterday)

For those who like fashion and happen to watch Revenge- which is toooo awesome :) I have recently stumbled upon one of the lead character's fashion blogs. Her name is Ashley Madekwe, and her character name in the series is also Ashley, her blog Ring My Bell can be found here.

For those who care I have updated my rewards list here as being the huge entitled lard ass that I am I bought myself pretty much all of the rewards without hitting the goals X_X anyways not this time around, I will much stricter with myself, and in ernest I should be spending £0 as despite winning the lottery I have to scratch together a living to clear my bad credit name ie pay debts and still sustain my life! I am reading allll your blogs and will try and comment more MWAH xxx

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