Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Can You Say... FAIL

So the fail here is not for dieting which I think I'm doing ok in, but for my practical driving test which 4th time I dramatically failed with a serious in . . . get this . . . THE LAST 20 SECONDS. I failed pulling up the drive on the way back to the test centre. WHATEVER I am not going to talk about that. FULL STOP.

In other news, I GOT THE HARRODS JOB. I soo didnt think I had it I told Victoria Secrets I would work with them... AAARRGGGHH!! I can't believe I have gone from jobless to two incredible job opportunities! I felt to not take the Harrods job because when I went to my store approval I had this feeling of amazement that a pig as fat as I could even be allowed in the place, watching all the could-be-models walking about the place I assumed that I didn't have it. But I did and I DO and they accepted me into their world so this just the drive I need to shed this gross weight and become the beautiful THIN salesperson I know I can be.

In weight loss/dieting: I've decided to take each day as it comes and sort of loosely follow the LTD diet but with the goal of staying UNDER the daily calorie limits. I know how some of you feel about starving/fasting etc and how it slows the metabolism but as far as im concerned if you're ove 200 pounds with a bmi of 30-something there is NO WAY you will not lose weight if you stop eating. No possible way! so yeah i need to drop 30 pounds to start with, like right now (or ASAP haha).

I am now following lots more blogs and I so enjoy being in this world with this common interest which helps us all stay motivated. but some of you seem to have blogs which can't be followed?!? Anyhu hope you're all having a good day, despite my bad start with the test fail I'm feeling GOOOD!

Love ya xx

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