Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day Two

Ok so yesterday's post wasn't so quick but i've said most of what I would have here in yesterday's post so this really will be a quick one.

Le Repas

Day Two: 300 calories. Today's weight is 179.8 pounds.

Ok I slipped up today :( I had my cup of hot water, honey and lemon in the morning, threw in some biotin pills so not bad there. . . BUT on the way to my interview I slipped up and had a packet of wotsits (cheesey crisps) for a fattening 90 calories and have sat down like two hours ago to a huge plate of rice and peas with seasoned chicken. And yes I ate the skin. For Shame. So total intake is I don't know how much. I couldn't purge after because I was knocked into a food coma and had a 90 minute nap and with this full stomach I have to now go beat my body up with a minimum of 2hours cardio type workout - i'll be using my ministry of sound dvds *stay tuned for the lowdown on my collection with ratings etc* Such a fail on just day two of this but I must go on. . . tomorrow is a 400 calorie day. I'd like to eat vegetables only with scrambled eggs for dinner. We'll see how that goes. And MUST DRINK MORE WATER.


Went to see my beau MAC at work today had to give him the bad news that I won't be able to see him tomorrow or properly on thursday ;( I feel awwwful and I really wanted to see him but i'm going out tomorrow (tickets already bought sigh) and again on thursday to a hip hop karaoke night for my friend's birthday!! To make sure I still get to see a little bit of him I told him to come along with his mates :D I'll get to see him for a few hours before but of course I have these pesky interviews around lunch time each day . . . Oh girls i think i'm really falling for the guy. I want to see him every day and talk to him all the time. With that in mind I'll call him and then go work out :)


Still job hunting, after thursday i'll probably have more to say. All I have on my mind at the moment is Diet Money Diet Money Money Money - Debts to clear and bills to pay I desperately need a job.



  1. Hi hi. Occasional slip-ups are ok. I slipped up today as well but ended up purging. Can't decide of I'm relieved or just disappointed. There's always tomorrow right? Positive attitude hon!
    And ohlala keep posting updates on this guy ;)

  2. good look tomorrow with the 400 day! and good luck trying to find a job. <3 stay lovely, dear.