Monday, 16 January 2012

Days Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven

Sorry I've been away for a ridiculous number of days. I know I can be seriously pathetic with this whole weight loss thing so y'all are really going to have to bear with me...

Le Repas

Intakes :-
Day Three: 400 Intake 431 calories. weight 177.9 pounds
Day Four: 500 Intake 431 calories. weight 177 pounds
Day Five: 450 Intake ?? calories weight THIS morning was 175.2 pounds
Day Six: 650 Intake ?? calories (no weigh-in)
Day Seven: 650 Intake ?? calories (no weigh-in)
Day Eight: 400. Intake 114 calories (refused to weigh)

The thing is it was all going so well until my beau told me he missed me every minute of every day and couldn't bear waiting for the weekend to see me. So I went to meet him after my interview on friday - I was told to taste a cocktail he'd invented - and literally didn't leave until late sunday evening, and even then he was begging me to stay over. So yeah that turned into two days of full english breakfasts- eggs, bacon, beans and sausage, and two take aways with an unspecified amount of grease, fat and cals (hangs head ashamed). Anyway I worked out a formula for 400ish calorie days which is mostly eggs in the morning, protein shake in the afternoon and porridge for dinner. When i'm feeling really peckish I have fruit salad with greek yoghurt or some veggies which I don't count the calories for. If only I can completely stick to this and have a small amount of treats when i'm craving them I should be dropping pounds in a couple of weeks. In about 4days of goodness I lost 5 pounds for God sakes. Oh and Gosh do I need to get involved with my exercise dvds (though I have been getting a lot of exercise with my beau :) )


I've already said quite a bit, I am damn near close to the L word with this lovely man. But I am scared. We have such a past it's absolutely crazy. When we were both a little younger and dumber he practically begged me to leave my boyfriend (I confided in him about how much he hurt me) and I refused, so he got mad and wouldn't talk to me for a year. Then we started talking and I got mad and we stopped talking for another year. Then he got a girlfriend and I couldn't believe I was so upset to see him with another girl - neither could he. but yea, here we are, in a better place, both single and both looking for love. Finally. I just don't kno why i'm scared to tell him...


I have been sooo exhausted and consumed with spending time with my beau that dieting has taken a back seat but I know deep down I now really have some serious reasons for wanting to lose weight. Firstly I really do like the guy and things are going so great with us at the moment that I just want to be with him and look forward to that new life of romance - and I refuse to have a boyfriend t this weight I must lose a minimum of 15 pounds before we're official (even though he already calls me his girl).


I got a JOB!!!

Quite a nifty job, well paid, mostly admin but including some selling and handling luxury watches in one of London's finest department stores!! A department store I have been trying to get into for like years. So in order to look good in the environment I would need to slim down like ASAP.

Only thing is before I get too excited I have to go for final clearance by management tomorrow afternoon and some sort of credit check was mentioned in the interview so hopefully my job isn't balanced on me passing it - because I doubt I will. In any instance I am still with an agency and can at least get a call centre job if things dont work out. But I am being positive and crossing fingers that they will.

Wish me luck guys!
Going to go read and comment on y'alls blogs!

Lurrve Thinspo ;)

He lurves my bum haha! X_X



  1. im starting skd too:) congrats on the job! the weightloss u had from the first few days is rly motivating! Im quite excited:) Stay strong<3333

  2. Hey stranger!!, you seem to be doing well. looks like your on the ABC?.... i need to sort myself out. Ive been on a bender. I have such a tight schedule now that i eat on the go always!!. its soo bad. Im now heavier than i was when i fist started out!!

    I also started purging again, really bad!. but add me on bb again babe, so we can keep in contact through thick and thin...2309c196