Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Yesterday's post: Day One

I'm sooo pissed I wasn't able to blog yesterday but I got mine so meh. Just a quick one about my new diet and how yesterday went.

Le Repas

Start Weight: 181 pounds

Ok so there's this diet that a lot of you would have tried or at least heard about called the Skinny Girl Diet:

And then the ABC:

And the Healthy Skinny Girl Diet:
So basically starting (today as in monday) and running until Friday 27th April I will be doing these three diets back to back. I'll keep to the same base rules of drinking a minimum of two litres of water a day and at least a half hours exercise daily. On the healthy diet I will be eating mostly leafy and green vegetables - veggies in general really- rather than fruit which can have higher carb and sugar levels. The plan is to get on top of restricting my calories and getting used to exercising. And then by the end of this series of diets I would have hopefully raised my fitness levels and gained an awesome set of abs!! I don't want to get all caught up in losing x amount of pounds by y date because I just need to focus on my eating habits (restrict restrict restrict) and exercise routine.

Day 1 (HSGD) - 400
intake: hot water with lemon and honey, rice with tomato sause, carrots cauliflower and peas.
total in: 411.75
exercise: steamy sex!!


Ok, I'll be brief because my love life is always up down up down. I have been seeing this guy- lets call him MAC - for like 4years. of course on off - ok very on off there was a year in which we lost each others numbers so weren't in contact at all. BUT we ran into each other last year and have been getting closer (and getting down ever since). Anyways he's only a bit older than me - 23 going on 24 to my 21 - but he's all wanting to get serious in life and find the girl he wants to be with forever etc. Well until about 3 or so weeks ago I never looked at him that seriously but we had a really intense and emotional conversation (at the end of which I actually broke down in tears x_x). So now I have a number of different feelings for him and I'm scared their leading to the L word. I really think he could be the next signature in my guestbook of love. I know his feelings for me have always been really strong - he calls me the girl of his dreams and I am completely 100% confident and comfortable around each other. He loves my body - and proves it- and even prefers and adores when I DON'T wear make up! Best of all he makes me smile until my cheeks hurt (and the sex is out of this world)


In other things - since having a mini depression around christmas last year which led me to walk out of my job (I know dumb move) - I have been on the job hunt. I literally had 3 interviews last month, one last friday, one today (as in monday 9th) and every day this week except friday so really and truly like wtf I should soooo have another job by the end of next week *pleeeease*.
Going to sob into my pillow now!
Some thinspo xxx

Sorry everyone's half naked- it's kinda my thing right now!
Mwah ;) xxx

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