Sunday, 8 January 2012

Two things

One I don't know if I should change the name of this blog -fresh start and all that- but in general I thought that rather than just rambling on at you all I every post I would rather have some sort of layout.

Sooo . . . from the next post I guess I'll be writing everything under these titles:

Le Repas

Everything to do with food, diet restricting and pop exercise in there as well.


All things love and war, relationships etc- I dont have many friends so you probably wont here much on that front lol

D'Autres Choses
(Other things)

Speaks for itself really, anything else I feel necessary to tell y'all.

So hopefully this would leave you with very few essays to read on a day to day basis - lord knows I would write essay after essay on this blog in the past lol. I am desperate to post every day even if its just a lil something here and there so hopefully this structure will help with that. And it will leave me more time to comment on all you lovelies :)

On that note, second thing, I started following two quite new blogs today and they both seem really special, each with a different story to tell so go and check them out and get them motivated ;) Follow Diane here and follow Sophia here.

I've said enough, I'm outie xxx
My Ideal Body Thinspo:

Sorry a couple of these are ex-rated X_X
ps guys if you're reading this pleeeeease comment and say hi i want to feel confident in my decision to delete all my old posts with all your lovely comments!!


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  1. i really love the girl with the black & white dress on the beach, I wouldn't mind changing my body with hers and having her dress U__U