Monday, 28 May 2012

Day One

STARTING WEIGHT: 208 pounds   Day 1:  0/14 pounds Lost

I have now officially started my EAT LESS diet. I will be loosely following the cabbage soup diet - only in that i'll be eating a lot of cabbage soup lol- and minimising carbs sugars and fats throughout the day. I will be keeping hopefully quite strictly to a roughly 1000cal a day limit on days (like to day) where i have done little exercise and make sure it mostly consists of fresh fruit and veg and lean protein.

So I am starting today as day ONE because this weekend was ridiculous!! Boyfriend's birthday yesterday translated into heavy drinking an waffles (?) on saturday and cinema popcorn and TGI Fridays for dinner yesterday. So yeah RIDICULOUS.

Ok so fresh start, and for once in my life I have told another person - namely my boyfriend about my diet so NO excuses. I've asked him to physically restrain me if he catches me reaching for hagendaz ice cream.

Intake thus far, not very nutritional to be honest, sorta empty calories but at least not to much. In the morning I had my practical driving test at 8 am (which I failed HA) and so ate about 90 cals worth of oatmeal and honey. I came back and ate 6 biscuits at 70 cals each :'( and drank a cup of tea with a splash of milk and on sugar for 23 cals. Total thus intake far- 533 for no reason WAAAAAAH

Its fine though because for dinner I will be making the boy toy a gooey cheese filled pasta bake and eating NONE OF IT and I myself will be chomping down on some awesome grilled chicken salad - no dressing of course. I'll try to post a pic! so for sure I'll be under 1000 cals and hopefully see a pound drop of tomorrow.

My short term goal is to drop 14 pounds aka a stone as quick as possible and see how many days it takes. My target goal weights remain the same - you can see them here - but to be honest I have been cheeky enough to buy myself all the rewards despite having not met them (!) excluding the jewellery and tattoos so i'll have to think of something else. Wish me luck guys, and thanks for reading, I know there haven't been as many comments but I see new followers which makes me feel great and gives me the motivation to do this, post regularly and be accountable to you guys.

Off to make dinner love ye!


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  1. You can do it! 14 pounds is a lot, but if you put your mind to it, it'll be EASY. I've lost 7 pounds this last week by keeping my calories at or around 1200 without even exercising. I also take lots of vitamins and supplements.

    Good luck!