Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Total Intake

Breakfast - 143 cals from porridge and honey, sarspirilla drink
Lunch - 563 cals from a ham and cheese sandwhich, packet of wotsits
Snack 235 cals from a pain au chocolat


oh well total thus far is 941cals!!

i've decided for dinner I am going to have that boiled egg salad with a tiny bit of extra light salad dressing and extra celery. It'll be about 110 cals so hopefully a total of 1051 cals -pretty darn decent!

But oh dear I got a phone call from my friend to kindly remind me that I agreed to go to a club which plays house music tonight. So I guess a lot of dancing and jumping up and down which is good.. not so good is the numerous shots of sambucca and vodka i'll be knocking back at £1.50 a pop.

So yeah . . . we'll see how it goes, i'll check back in with  you tomorrow.

@Camille - thanks so much for your comment, 7 pounds in a week would make me ECSTATIC well done you! was just wondering what sort of supplements you take, at the moment I just take biotin vitamins which help with your skin hair and nails.

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