Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Day 3

Super fast update...

Yesterday morning I weighed 209.2 pounds and today I am 208.2 seems like a good start especially since thus far I've only changed my eating habits and haven't actually started exercising more.

Anyways if I'm able to keep up this minimal 1pound a day of weightloss by the end of the month I should be 182 which is quite a lot less fat and gross!

On diet pills- I have been taking my slimb bombs but only the two on the morning, due to work I always seem to forget to take the afternoon one which has to be taken before 4due to all the caffeine. But in spite of this I have seen a difference in my appetite and levels of consumption, ordinarily I would finish everything before me even if I was already stuffed but today I was completely unable to Continue eating after a few bites. Methinks its working!

Anyhu gotta rush, lunch break over!

1 comment:

  1. a pound a day? lovely. <3
    a pound a day for the whole month is a bit of a stretch but definitely possible, lovely. :)

    ^_^ oh, honey, that sounds quite good!
    hope all the best for you, my loaf. xo.

    -Sam Lupin