Monday, 24 September 2012

Grey Skies

It is soooo disgustingly grey and dreary in the UK right now like come on all over the world people can still go out and get a tan . . . but over here in miserable London im having to think about getting a new fucking winter coat BECAUSE I'M 20 POUNDS HEAVIER THAN LAST WINTER

Anyways, i'm the sort of person who loves watching hood drama shows like LA Basketball wives,  Love and Hip Hop and my newly found obsession - BAD GIRLS CLUB! Anyone out there as obsessed with it as me?? I don't know I just feel like I really am a bad girl at heart (you dont even know...) and I just love the drama AND it is so chock full of thinspiring chicks that remind me how fucking great my life could be if I just drop this mountain of weight I carry around. Like it is my 22nd birthday in exactly 2 months and next year me and my friends have planned trips to miami and amsterdam. I am such a lardo right now I dont even wana talk about that aspect. Im currently watching season 6 of bad girls and this bitch Ashley King is my total fave, I think she's real pretty and I actually do resemble her slightly (ok very slightly but my boyfriend thinks it!)

If I had to guess I would say she's like a size 2 or a 4 at the most (US) her boobs are fake though but generally her body is so stunning.

Moving on to the not so stunning (me) I did say i'd post a photo of myself on here so you guys can see the shocking reality of how large i am. Apologies if I cause anyone to hysterically vomit or blackout ... i'm gross

Forgive the pretty lame photo I took a quick snap whilst helping out at my friend's shop. Yup I am crazy fat :( I have two months to get just a little slimmer for damns sake. I'm a dress size 16/18 at the moment btw so US 12/14 and you can see how top heavy I am!

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  1. We are the same size, and have the same body type! I don't feel so alone! I also am addicted to Smutty tv programs lol Anywho I know you can do this! Keep at it lets be each others motivators!