Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Slim Day Two

I put the "slim" in front because I must have had a gazillion 'day two' titled posts. But watevas today I caved a lil bt I guess I will c later wat damage has been done. Woke up weighed myself and I was 209.6 (yesterday I was 211.6) to be honest I can't be too excited because the night before I was quite congested and my scales or maybe my body in general is in love with number 209.6.

Fuck you scales I refuse to see this stinking number again.

So today I've had the same warm salad nacho thing I had yesterday at work. It's on a small plate and really scrumptious without leaving me too full. I also *lowers head* ate a chocolate cup cake. Dnt. Even. Ask. Came home and had some chicken stew with a pinch of rice like 4hours ago and not enough water today but I'll rectify that before falling asleep. A mug of slimming tea and your blogs yum yum. Talk to you soon xx

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