Friday, 28 September 2012

I've Said This Before But...

I have to bite the bullet and say that when it comes to food and dieting I rarely remain a woman of my word. I have been so up and down emotionally that it seems anything I can place my hands on gets thrown in my mouth down my gusset and into my stomach. and thighs. and buttocks. (and boobs).

Like seriously everyone has noticed that my boobs have pretty much doubled in size over 3 months!! like I can no longer wear the bras I own I have taken my measurements the other day which are alarming!! So I shall pop them in a spreadsheet at some point and also put them on this site when I can.

Anyhu what I was trying to get at was that a while ago I attempted to do the cambridge weight loss plan and totally bombed because half the shit I spent money on tasted like crap but I did technically shed a few pounds. I've decided to embark on something slightly different but really its under the umbrella of the same products just this time by a company called CelebritySlim for you UK slimmers out there who are interested it is cheaper by far to order direct. So thus far I have ordered shakes, meal bars, soups and snack bars which I hope to use alongside huge amounts of water to get rid of at least 30 pounds. Now, I'm not saying I will lose all the weight in this way but I am of the opinion that I cant begin to think about eating healthily and undertaking strenuous exercise until my body is at least within a healthy limit. My weight since passing the 190 mark has become a true physical burden and I know its to blame for my weakening joints an more and more muscle and back ache I get after one or two days work. Once I get down to simply being overweight rather than obese or even morbidly obese I can truly tackle wider issues like eating habits, emotional issues or bodyshape.

That's how I see it anyway... what do y'all think??

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