Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Furious With My Boyfriend

I can't even be bothered to go into all the details of what the hell is going on with us but he has a terrible attitude and refuses to acknowledge when he's wrong. Like he's the type of guy that simply says sorry because he thinks that's what you want to hear.

Lately I've found out a lot that maybe I would have rather not about this man I once thought I loved.... He has an obsession with girls liking him like seriously I think it partly comes from him knowing how "technically" good looking I am (without wanting to sound conceited of course) but also he knows my last couple of exes were good looking and in shape. He has a pot belly which has probably made being with him so much easier - so much so I have literally put on a ton of weight. Well this young man though supposedly fully committed to me (HA) likes to trawl through his phone and try to start conversations with girls that quite frankly shouldn't even still be in his phone. I caught him tell a girl he just met and was working with two months ago that he was missing her smile (a comment I thought he reserved for me) and this girl who he like tries to get in her pants but couldn't as shes a virgin waiting for marriage he is always trying to speak to and like from what I gathered she rarely replies but he went so far as to add her on instagram!! so he can jus leer at her whenever he likes. The more I think about it the more I hate him it's like he is desperately trying to forge relationships with these girls who kno he has a girlfriend so don't even care. What else explains his obsession with commenting on all these girls photos and saying inappropriate things.

He makes me want to cheat; screw him over before he does me. Show him how it's really fucking done I am better than him in every way and he should be busy cherishing and appreciating the shit I do for him not wasting time on girls that don't care. I have so much rage within me and its just my motivation. I am going to lose soo much weight get sooo much hotter and prettier go out much more get my degree get a great job and fucking move on. And this guy will still be in the same place. All in all this ones not going to be able to hold onto me!


End Rant.


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